when prayer is absent, survival is an enemy

Just before I finished my shift at work last night I happened to see an update at staff.com where news about staffs are updated daily. I was saddened by the news about one of the agent of our company whose 20-year old brother died because of an asthma attack. I was teary eyed knowing the fact that her brother could’ve done more in this life. Yet because of such tragic asthma attack, a life was taken away instantly.

I was reminded of my mother whose been in that condition years back. I was so thankful, very thankful to GOD that she always survive during those attacks. The last time she was laid up made me realized how precious her life can be and without prayers, survival is an enemy. Medicine alone can’t heal. Prayers does. and I told myself, “Will I wait for the attack to come before I fight? Why not fight right now? Why not pray right now?”

Right at that moment, I prayed and thanked God for my mother’s life and ask for her to be healthy everyday.

Luke (3)

praying hand 2.jpg edited_resize



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