decide to choose

I’ve gotten back from a four-day vacation in the province (Pangasinan). I spent time with my family and took advantage of really sleeping which I usually am deprived because of the kind of work I have in a call center. Now I realized how important sleep is.

I had an eye check up yesterday since I still have this swollen eye for a week now. If not for this, I would have stayed home for couple of days more. I attended the Youth Service in Pasig while waiting for an appointment to meet a friend. I was not able to attend Youth night when 2009 hit in. I saw old friends and acquaintances, had a small talk (updates…updates!) and all.

I was seated behind all the students who were all ears to the preaching, and something just struck me – I lost the passion for these lost souls! A feeling that scared me and I can’t seem to pick up the pieces in my heart to get back to who I used to be! I’ve lost that touch which gives me confidence to speak to the lost, and that joyful and inflamed heart to be present at those services and talk to lost sheep.

I asked myself, “Why?”, and God answered me right away! It was a throbbing response in a form of question which I was aware I would surely get. These are the query that up to now I’m trying to grasp in order for me to get back on ME.

“When was the last time you read your bible? Really READ your bible?” “Have you REALLY sought me in a PRAYER?” “Are you still excited to get HOME and spend time with ME?” and When was the last time you have a SONG for me?

These four questions hit me hard I could hardly get up! It was a verity I can’t deny. I did not dare asked God “What should I do?” as I know for certain what I have to hear. No more questions were uttered but a heart that’s assured what step I ought to choose to get back to Lorie who knows the heart of Jesus.


Hugs xx Luke

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