one litre of tears

I cried “ONE LITRE OF TEARS” watching the true story of Aya who got terminal illness at the age of 15 but somehow survived the 10 years of fighting until her last breath and falling in love with a classmate, Asou-kun, who never abandoned her despite the family’s disapproval to their relationship. It’s an inspiring story which will definitely move you to tears and think of how blessed you are because you’re living without the fear of closing your eyes.

As I watched this story I’ve got a lot of thoughts whisking in my mind. How did she manage to smile despite the fact that her life is numbered day by day? The courage that Aya had on that very edgy experience heartens me. If she can smile though she knew that she will not have what other youth can do, why on earth am I so frustrated about me not having what other people have and get so downcast? Why do I frown when I get very low stats in my work? Why do I stop asking God when I don’t get what I have asked Him? When I recollect the scene where Aya chose to be grateful of what she had right at that time and not settle on the stare of questioning eyes of people, I fully understand why. She was CONFIDENT of what she got – a FAMILY that completely and unconditionally love her!

That panorama brings me back to the CONFIDENCE I have and will always have – the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF THE SAVIOR. I may be unfortunate in the sight of people but I am truly blessed in the sight of God because I got a life that will surely bring me to a destiny where God had prepared for me. I might be unpopular in my work because I don’t excel much in terms of numbers yet I am definitely well-known in heaven where everyone is cheering for me including the KING! I could be unnoticeable but my GOD certainly knows even the smallest thing I do every single day! That TRUTH made me realize where I have to go back – in the ARMS of the LOVING GOD.

Sometimes we thought that watching movies or dramas is just a hobby (addiction if I may say… for me) but if you would dig deeper to its meaning and messages you’ll find that God may sometimes use this to speak to you. (Tsk. Tsk. That’s a good transition!).

Live your life with purpose. Aya did live it and touched many lives especially those who have the same illness she had.


Hugs xx Luke


disclaimer :  all photos taken from google. credit to the owner/s.


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  1. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.


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