one stormy day

I was deep asleep when Ondoy hit Philippines really hard. Almost all places in Pasig were flooded and I was unaware what was happening. I got off from work so early and it was already raining on my way home. I did my usual routine when I got home and dive onto my bed to sleep. It was a long night at work and sleeping is the first thing I wanna do today since it’s gonna be my rest day this evening.

My sister arrived at the apartment and was telling me what was happening outside non-stop. Half sleep, I headed over the window and yes, our area is already flooded. Good thing I don’t have work tonight, lest I have to walk past through the flooded area no matter what. You see, call center agents in my country is never exempted from these calamities. Rain or shine, we have to go to work as long as the country we are catering is not. People call us “immortals”.

The storm Ondoy left many fatalities and damages. It’s one of the worst natural disaster that hit Philippines and it caused a lot of heartbreak to people. It’s hard watching news about people crying and trying to cope up with their loses.

People may call  “call center agents” (Philippines, particularly) immortals because we still go to work despite heavy rains, floods, heavy traffic due to closed roads caused by rallyest or some road improvements, name it! But despite any reason at all, we are no immortals in reality. We are just human like anyone else.


Hugs xx Luke

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