mr. right will find me



Time for Portrait Box Quest! 2010.

Two friends and I splurged ourselves with BOOKS at FullyBooked @ The Fort on May 23, 2010. A refreshing way to unwind from a week’s workloads. Thanks Rhia for bringing us here.

Addicted to books. I used to buy countless books when I was teaching. I need it to nurture my mind so I won’t be left behind by my students. I stopped doing this, I mean, reading books when I started my job as a call center agent. Graveyard shift makes you sluggish most of the time. Hush!
Thanks to my Samsung cellphone’s timer. I was able to capture our books addiction. Whoa!

HE is just around the corner. Patience is a virtue. I’m talking to myself! Hahaha. This likewise applies to singles out there.

Follow and Guard your heart.

Model: Rhia

I love how she projects when I focus my lens on her. She knows exactly her Best shot which makes it easy for me to shoot.


God, where is he?

Model: Mayie

I can’t get a candid shot of this lady! She just have at one’s fingertips when I focus my camera on her. I should have a 70-200mm lens so she won’t know I am taking a picture of her. Tsk. Tsk.


Luke (3)


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