last minute blessing

Thank GOD I was able to make it to new year at home!

It was a favored day. It was our last day at work (before the year ends and my rest day). Public holiday was declared a day before 31st of December. I was expecting high avail on calls during the day. Everyone is excited with the celebration of New Year with families and friends but I was so worried I may celebrate it alone. I was told by my sister couple of days ago that bus station (Victory Liner specifically) is not accepting any ticket reservations not later than 12nn on the last day of the year. “I’ll just try my luck when I get there after my shift ends at 630pm, if not I’ll just go back to our apartment and watch dvd all night long.” I told my self, but somehow, had a feeling I may not make it to the province.

Due to very limited calls coming from customers in Malaysia, all employees approved for OT were dismissed unexpectedly. I was crossing my hand with so much hope that the management will still have to choose some people to send home especially those who are traveling far from work. I was trying to persuade my boss to send me home and have under time instead. The moment I was asked if I have a call… I was so hopeful I will be sent home (with of course a condition – I will make it up on the remaining hours next week), and I was!!!! I logged off at 230pm and hurried to people to say my last new year greetings for 2010 ( I was even reminded I have schedule swap on January 4 – thanks Jen, I almost forgot that!) and to my locker to keep my things and picked up my stuff from the baggage counter!

My excitement still remains though I got an upsetting encounter with a lady guard at work when she’s not friendly enough to assist me for a small favor – check with a friend – Bob, the order I took from the pantry to make sure I didn’t make mistake taking the stuff (not to mention the incident report i did before I took off).

Bus station (Victory Liner) – when I joined the people on the line to get the ticket and the line is not moving a bit for minutes already, part of my heart felt sad that it’ll be another sad new year for me. Still, part of my heart is so hopeful miracle can still happen the last minute ( I know God is never late).

Few minutes passed and when I heard the announcement for the last bus bound to Baguio is accepting passengers (ticket will be given in the bus), as soon as I heard the bus number I hurried myself to the bus’ door and asked the conductor if i can go in right away. I got the first seat to my favorite place in the bus (window4 right side).

I can’t help but thank God many times for the favor! My heart is leaping while texting people, I even accidentally sent my message for friends to my family. I just realized it when I received a message from my sister (Sasha). Hahahah!!!!

God is never late blessing his children. A last minute can be the best minute for the year! Thank GOD for the last minute blessing!




Hugs xx Luke

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