what’s with the make-up?

I don’t know what gets me hooked with make-up lately? If I can remember well, I never liked doing make-up because I fancied natural beauty. Should I blame my friends for compelling me of doing so? I never imagined myself buying stuffs for make-up – eyeshadow, concealers, brushes, primer, blushers, lipstick! Dah! I even stay up late at night watching videos on how to put on great eye shadows and all.

Yes, I do simple make-up like simple eye shadow, light blush on and lipstick or lipgloss. A simple make-up for a simple day. Little did I know I needed something new this time! I might have realized that I should do so especially that I often attend parties and important gatherings. I thought I’ll be just fine without it, but I was confounded. What a laugh! Why now? Well, it’s never too late to start though. This will be an edge for me since I plan of getting serious with wedding planning and photography business. I should have an eye on this area to keep a business.

It seemed like I’m spending much on make-up, but it’s alright. I may need this on weddings I will be attending to or planning for. Hmmm… not a bad idea of a hobby, I guess.

NYX butt “Naked” Eyes with blushers and illuminator
Celeteque make-up remover
Maybelline Mineral Foundation
Make-up sponge applicator from Beauty Blender
Aido Eyeshadow Kit
Brushes for Eyes & Cheek

Oh well, watched Lea Michelle do the tutorial via youtube.com for almost an hour and look a the finished one! Urgh! I guess it’s not bad for a beginner of a real make-up stuffs. The featured picture is the second attempt. I’m liking it. Hahaha. Practice…Practice…

Luke (3)

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