back to basics

I normally hear this “Back to Basics” at the church whenever I lost track of my faith. How effective is the basic? Well, it’s more effective than the new ones. New ideas came from basics. It’s like when you lose passion to serve God. You’ll never get new encounter when you don’t go back to where you first experience it.

I started reading my bible again after months (I’m not certain how long is that). Romans 3-4. As I read, words seemed to not comprehended by this tiny brain. I have other ideas in my mind – the wedding to coordinate that i was offered to, how do i get five 2’s and five 100’s in my calls, will i get a anew job – should i apply abroad or stay in the Philippines, how much would i spend for our Pagudpud trip, will i get a swap schedule for that trip (I was only approved of 2 leaves and the other 1 day is still in pending for approval and no reply from swap requests), I missed my family, will i get a new swimsuit, will i be promoted from being agent, how do i update my blog, read books?…and so on and so forth. Sometimes, our mind is so consumed with many things to look forward to yet we forget the only Reason for all of these. We’re too busy with our daily routines and plans that we forget the only author of our lives.

I just realized this when I was seated in front of the computer @ work in internet cafe. I opened my Facebook right away and started reading messages and updates of friends while still listening worship songs from my phone.  It suddenly hit my heart… when is the last time i listened and sang along with the worship songs I hear? Last year? Oh no… on February 2012 when we were asked to sing for a special number @ church. Gosh! It’s been 2months now. I suddenly fear the idea of losing my connection to my Creator. I reminded myself… back to basics, Lorie. Go back to when you have fallen in love to God so intense you can’t contain it.

I even descried that I lost the glow in my face. No more glimmer in my eyes. I always looked so stale. Reality bites! I looked so freaking old and just right my age before I have Jesus in my life. Knock! Knock? I see myself in my heart and not Jesus. That scared me! Of course I wanted to look beautiful inside so that outside people will see the difference of having Jesus in my life. That’s just part of the package, though. One reason is to be free and fulfilled and joyful. Ahhhh… I missed that! I so missed that.

Go back to basics.

Plans today.

  1. Even if get tired from work, I will attend a service today after my shift. I spent more than 2 hours everyday blogging, why not in church instead?
  2. I will read my bible everyday. This would be very difficult for me. doing it everyday creates a habit.
  3. I will listen to worship/praise songs in the morning instead to feed my soul rather than worldly songs to start my day. I can listen to them in the evening.
  4. Limit my time with my laptop and internet. I can do it in my day offs.
  5. Read books about Jesus. In fact I have many books i haven’t even started to read since i purchased them years ago.
  6. Watch inspirational movies which will enhance my faith.
  7. Start learning my guitar. I haven’t learned a song yet since i purchased my beloved guitar.
  8. Text my family at least every day. A simple HI will do.
  9. Explore my new DSLR3100.
  10. Budget my money. Spend wisely.

Luke (3)

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