you complete me



Few days ago, I was crying hard watching a video of a wedding vows of two people joined together by The Author of Love. It was indeed a “cryful” video as stated. Since the video is uploading slow (in my laptop), my mind is playing situations how the VOWS of this couple made to a lovely and heart-touching  one.

“You know I had a lot of questions for God. Why? Why me? I didn’t get the answers then, but now that you’re in front of me, I realized that you are the answer to all my questions, to all my prayers . And much, much more. Who would have known that an imperfect Elo, would be chosen by a perfect Mara, Thank you Lord.”

When I heard the Groom’s confession of “WHY’s”, my heart stopped. For a couple of seconds. Seconds that gave me thoughts. What were the WHY’s I asked God being A SINGLE up to this day?

I continued watching the video. I noticed the physical facade of the Bride. Beautiful. Exquisite. In love. The Groom. His hands were infrequent. I have to stop describing the physical as this is meant to describe how God focus on the LOVE and not on the looks. The Groom. Full of love. A joy in his eyes as he gazed at the beauty of the bride is undeniable.

Part of the Bride’s vows touched my heart deeply “. . . Always seeing the gold in me even if I reflect silver. I believe I’m the helpmate  God’s designed especially for you.”

“My arms and legs are made to be the extension of yours.” The Bride wholeheartedly propounded her everything to complete the Groom.

I was not just astounded by the Vows and the wedding itself, I was profoundly reminded how God extended His love to Me. When I felt feeble to get up when I stumble, His hands are ready for my aid. When I seem to get weary, He unselfishly carry me and walk for me.

If this is how Mara and Elo expressed their love, this is how GOD express HIS. He sent His ONLY SON, JESUS to die for me and you to have ETERNAL LIFE.



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