new start

“… the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

There were many innovative things 2014 has brought into my life. Apart from the fact that I cut my hair from a super long to a pixie one! Yeah. I did cut it soooo short right after I resigned from HSBC-Contact Center last December 2013. It’s something I have to do to alleviate the six years of stress BPO have caused me and I’ve been wanting to have a new look. I got bored with my long hair so here I am again with a pixie hair look.

First was the new job. Hah! Finally out from call center! It was a relief. Though I still think likely of going back after a year or two, I guess.

Second, I got fixed Saturday-Sunday off from work. Yehey! A rest day I’ve been working my heart off for the past 6 years by performing at work so I can have the weekends break. How did I outlive those years with shifting schedules every 3 months? Well, I guess it was all by the grace of God. Without it, I won’t ever make it!

Third, I get to see the sunrise going to work and not going home from work. There’s a big difference, right? I’m not called “vampire” or “zombie” anymore! Or get an advice “Get a Life!”.

Fourth, I can enjoy the holidays! Yehey! Honestly, I can’t even remember which holidays are they. Now I can say, I am a filipino! Hahahah!

Fifth, I can commit to a ministry at the church. I was released from Music Team unofficially due to schedule conflicts during rehearsals and worship services. However, I plan to join another Ministry, though. Since there are teams for Photographers, I intend to concentrate on photography team to enhance this area in preparation to my photo works. Since this will be put up as a business sooner.

Sixth, I get to practice my photography! I can do the photoshoots for my portfolio every Saturday and Sunday!

(featured photo credit to sasha belmonte – for the updated pix – pix featured is from wix for now)

Luke (3)

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