grumpy heart turned into grateful heart

I was cranky this morning on my way to work. I received my salary yesterday from my new job ( I resigned last year immediately due to some reasons) and I can’t seem to know how to budget my money knowing that it’s almost half less than the salary I usually have from my previous work, oblivious I was already complaining to God.

I had my morning pancake and a brewed coffee at McDonald’s. This became my habit since I started working in Makati. I often try to catch up at the van early in the morning to keep away from waiting longer than expected on the line. As I had a mouthful of my coffee after finishing my 2 pancakes, my attention was caught by this crew who I frequently encounter in this same place day after day. I was so stalled with his poker face while cleaning up the table where customer had their share on their meals. He greets me in the morning, if not everyday, with the unchanged poised face with a warm “Good Morning, Ma’m”. It was weird that I suddenly burst into tears I can’t explain as I look at this young guy doing his job deliberately. He possibly receive almost half less than I have now as he seemed to be a new staff in McDonald’s. He doesn’t look well off, probably just like me when I was still in my college days – when I haven’t had enough money to gobble three times a day.

God suddenly made me realize how blessed I am having this kind of trade and having the salary I might not want (for now). Good thing I was in the corner of the place where people can’t glimpse a good deal of my existence. I had a grumpy heart turned into a grateful one with just a simple presence of an average guy from McDonald’s. It’s funny how God uses such ordinary circumstance to turn your heart into an indebted heart. You’ll just feel so comforted you wouldn’t ask for more assurance of God’s love.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessed day!


Hugs xx Luke

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