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She’ll be turning 30 in a few days. It’s an age which is almost out of the calendar, but, who cares? It’s just a number, mostly say. Being young is not all about figures. It correspondingly embraces the heart and how you perceive life as it comes. Ohhh, young at heart?

And this lady wanted to have something exceptional as a gift for herself on her birthday. Something she’s never done. A pictorial… her own photoshoot. It’s an entreaty which I can’t refuse from a friend.

So we planned to shoot in a school campus – UP Diliman – where most of the photographers preferred to do their photography sessions since it’s one of the most ideal spot because of it’s nature ambiance. I took shots while we sightsee and I started to love the place! It was the first so I got all the more excited when I get to see the other part of the school. It gave me a sweet urge to do photography in an intense manner.

It’s the first solo shoot I had so I didn’t mind sweating too much and walking past many buildings and many streets to take photos. The excitement just eased away any tiresome act of this tiny body! Whew! Well, we enjoyed the many street foods we found around the campus and my, my… I loved the ice cream! What’s the flavor again? Snap that! I totally can’t remember. Me and my busy head. Sorry I’m not good at memorizing such. Maybe the second or third time I encounter that flavor, I’ll be able to keep that in mind.

The featured photo was part of the last set and I got at least 20 shots to get the best photo of Toni positioned on the sward. We were like prickling since she has to recline on the grass for almost half an hour for me to get the shot I have in mind. And I have to really stay flat on the meadow. Well, it’s all worth the sweat, I got the shot I like!

Click link to view full album : https://www.flickr.com/gp/139781252@N08/058310


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