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So, finally I am nailed to maintain my blog with Wordpress. Men! Why was it too hard to decide back then? Oh well, aside from the busy schedules, I have to retrace the advantages and disadvantages of using the Wix or go back to my first website provider – Blogspot or have this WordPress. is way too great when it comes to website designing – I mean you can just wield how you want your blog to look like since there is a blank theme. If you have a creative mind, you’ll love this website! The downside is – it doesn’t have features for followers and if you opt to have comments for your blogs, you will have to bridge this to your Facebook. Or I may not yet explored the blogsite? Anyway… since the WordPress has these features, why spend too much time waiting for that feature to be added, which I’m not certain when exactly this will happen, use other website instead.

And yeah, WordPress won!

I resolved to secede my personal blogs from photography works last October 20, 2014. However, keeping two blogs is demanding for me, knowing the fact that I work in a call center and I sleep on daytime. I wouldn’t have energy left so it would be best to keep one. And I have trouble mastering passwords. Keeping one password for all accounts is not highly recommended. Nevertheless, I still have same password for some of my social media accounts. I guess, I would have to work on that.

Old posts from my Luke’s Time Capsule will be transferred on this site. I still intend to keep the dates when I first wrote the topic. My photography works will be added here as originally planned.

I intend to post at least every week and I hope I can keep that up!

For those who somehow bumped into my old blog, Thank You, for taking time to browse and read my posts and for those who will be reading this blog, I hope I will be able to inspire you in one way or another.

Should you have feedback or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments on the comment box or shoot me an email. Expect my reply as soon as I get them. It would be deeply appreciated.

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  1. This website doesn’t display properly on my iphone – you might wanna try and fix that


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