before the “selfie” there was “ME”



Selfie: Self-portrait. Do you know who took the first selfie? I did my research and I found Robert Corneius. “He took what is believed to be the world’s first selfie, a self-portrait he snapped one day in October 1839 while standing in the yard behind his family’s lamp store in Philadelphia”.

“And another “unidentified Edwardian woman taking a selfie with a Kodak Brownie box camera around 1900”. More selfies came from thereon. And it has become well known in this century. Oxford English Dictionary announced the Word of the Year “SELFIE” in November 2013. It’s evident that trends not only in fashion but also in photography come to life and is enhanced as years pass by.”

Before the rise of “Selfie” (in 2013), there was ME! I have this love of taking pictures of myself at home when I feel my most beautiful. Please don’t argue with me about that! At least it’s a fact for me. When did I first do my selfies? 1999? I guess. I haven’t got my digital camera then, so I used camera with films where I hoard those buy 1 take 1 films.

Ayt! This picture was taken in 2010, after our HBMY Town Hall party. Set my camera timer on as soon as I arrived home and started taking my own pictures. Since my housemate and my sister were already dreaming on their pillows, I was harried capturing myself for about half an hour all by myself.

The reason why I like doing this Photo Shoot alone with my camera and with all the people snoozing is because I can project and do the shams I so want. To be honest, I’m a bit reserved projecting when there are people around so I often do it on my own. The down side? I can’t take picture of ME with fuzzy background! I mean, since I am the subject, I want my background to be hazy so I would be prominent. Well, I suppose the goal of doing that is unattainable with the point and shoot camera I used for this shot. Unlike with the DSLR, you can focus on your subject and would have a great outcome of the photos.

Now, I got less of my selfie since I got my own DSLR 3100 on April 2012. I always get to play “the photographer” which is not bad after all, since I was able to enhance my passion in photography. Well, I got friends whom I can ask to take my photographs! What are friends for, right?

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