12.16.14 | debutante : jassie marie



A second grand daughter in the family. A girl who is always kind. You can barely see her in the neighborhood spending time idly. Instead, you’ll find her tendering her siblings’ needs and doing house chores while her parents are out for work. At one glance, you’ll think she is just an average student trying to survive the end of school year and get a grade that will bring her to another year of studying. No. She brings medals and certificates year after year. Her parents would always come up on stage to accompany her with receiving honors academically. Oh, I wish I was like that when I was a student. Well, I was not. Ha ha ha.

Now, she has come to an age where maturity is expected of her all the more. But I still see her a young lady enjoying life like a child – laughing shyly over silly jokes, offering help to family as much as she can, still tending to siblings’ needs when she have a chance.

This shoot was briefly planned as schedules were all tight. It’s good thing I can always make use of our house’ backyard for a photo shoot. Trees and fields made all the photos fresh and made her gowns stood out. I often do their make ups and hair styling so . . . pardon the unimpressive look. I guess, I’ll have to learn make up and hair styling. I needed it when there is no one to hire for photo shoots like this.

click link to view full album :  https://www.flickr.com/photos/139781252@N08/shares/g8E39K


xx Luke xx


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