I had looked forward to this day when I’ll be able to move to another apartment and stay alone (technically, but in reality, not). It sound so odd because I’ve been living away from my parents’ house since college. This time it’s different. I no longer share space with a friend, nor share rent. All expenses and the place are mine alone.

It was a step of faith and a step of courage. It took me months to really ponder on this decision and many months checking my finances if it would suffice all the monthly dues and expenses I’ll have. And before getting into final action, I did try to look for a small studio-typed apartment where I can be comfortable and a location where I would feel safe since my job is a graveyard shift. I even tried asking some friends who might want to share with me. I had one friend who is willing to share provided we’ll have separate rooms, however, 2 bedrooms apartment requires a higher rent, of course. We would still have to get at least spacious bedroom enough for us to be comfortable. And when the time of moving out was approaching, my friend was unsure since she was looking for a new job. I had to decide before January ends.

So, here it is. First time living alone. Yet I look forward to having my sister (and her kid) and other sisters and the whole family to come over more often to spend a night or so. I am alone, technically, yes. Reality, I am not.

Here is a peek to my soon to be minimalist place.






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