Sometimes learning new things means you have to unlearn the old things. It’s like formatting your external drive when viruses invade the file so you can use it again and store new things.

As a striving photographer I had my share of good and bad things on this craft. I thought modernization of technology can never beat Passion. That as long as you are passionate in your artistry, it’s okay not to learn new things. But I was mistaken. I found myself stuck in the corner unable to advance and compete to what seems to be like a flash-like technology innovation. Blame it on the age? Partly, yes. Let’s be honest here, if some millennials are having the hard time sparring with the advancing technology, how much more with the Generation X like me? However, given the kind of bearing and the kind of smart minds now, you can’t be too lethargic if you want to keep pace with the trend.

There are many innovative ways to shoot and post process photos and many gears to upgrade to, so I don’t want to be left behind if I intend to keep the job. Passion alone can’t bring me to where my goal is.

The question is , do I still have my goal? I seem to lost track and forgot my goal. Let me refresh my thoughts . . .

So, I stopped while I jaunt this course. How can I continue when I don’t know what my goal is? This made me realized that I missed the point of doing this craft – photography.

Because I am not aiming on the target, my arrows are all over the place. Learn this Lightroom and Photoshop, check vlogs about editing and shooting techniques, try this style like this photographer, get more clients, free shoots, attend photography classes . . . and the list continues. It made me realize one day that since I didn’t have a goal, even if I do stuffs like these, I would still feel unsuccessful, stressed and empty. The passion is there but the goal is desolate. So what’s the point of learning all the stuffs?

I have to unlearn all the things I know about photography and start from the scratch. Basic there is. Only then I can set a new goal. A goal that will satisfy my passion. A goal that will make me enjoy photography again. As my sister said : Unlearning can be difficult, but it’s good.

Unlearn so I can learn new things.

Luke (3)

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  1. Can you write more like this? It’s proven extremely useful for people.


  2. This topic comes across a little terse-you are often incredibly detailed in your arguments.


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