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It’s a routine I can’t get away with every time I have some travel or beach trip – buy new stuffs. Having new outfit to wear for a picture not to mention the new place to explore, is something I often look forward to. Is it a bad habit?

I guess, buying new things is justifiable – for me. Since the day I gained weight I have a hard time going on diet and doing work outs. I scrapped the idea of going to the gym because, one, it’s expensive and it’s out of my budget. Two, given how worst the traffic in Pasig, the notion to travel to the gym which is supposed to be 15-20 minutes could end up to 45 minutes to an hour or so. So instead of spending time with the travel and another hour for workout, I opted to do it at home, which I honestly can’t do steadily. So almost all my swimwears are skimpy to begin with and some looked worn out.

Bought these at Surplus, SM Megamall. They got cheap outfits I love. From top to bottom. I also started buying loose shirts since it makes me more comfortable as I don’t need to be so watchful of my bulging gut. Now, that reminds me of my gym instructor who told me to not stop the workout because it will make me bigger than before. Especially that I focused on my abs before. It’s a big regret, I tell you. At least do some easy workout if you feel too lazy to hit the gym or do one at home. Totally ceasing it is a big NO, NO!

This sports bra top looked perfect for a bottom I had in my mind, so I grabbed it. And this cropped blouse with 1974 print is something different from my usual get up for the beach. And I didn’t notice the 1974 year print until I wore it – it’s the year of my birth. Oh how time flies!

Cropped blouse with 1974 print – 249.75php
Harlem shirt – 199.75php
Sports Bra – 299.75php

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  1. Well-written post – we need to see more like this, because most info about this topic is unhelpful. You give real insight to your readers.


    1. lukecalonge says:

      oh thanks!


  2. Hi, I stumbled on your blog and I like this post particularly. You give some interesting arguments. Where can I find out more?


    1. lukecalonge says:

      you can check more from the sites i love to explore – le barbioles’, mikuta’s, & camille co’s


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