irista organization

Since I started taking photography seriously and put it up into business, photos are starting to pile up and multiple external drives to store them is urgently needed. I am an organized person so I don’t have much trouble with storing all pictures according to categories I want. My dilemma is that external drives are a bit expensive. The maximum storage for external drives I had is 2-Terra. I took an advice from a Pastor (who is my mentor’s husband) not to buy 5-Terra. Why? When the drive gets into mess you may not be able to save all files. Having them saved in 1-Terra is practical. There’s a point. And I’m glad I did because when one of my external drives can’t open no matter how hard I tried troubleshooting it, I panicked! Good thing I only had few photos saved in that drive. I was able to retrieve the photos later on but it took me almost a month to do so.

So when I learned about this canon irista from one of the blogs I follow ( – ) is something to consider, I gave it a thought. My first notion is that this has something to do with canon camera settings or how to’s and the like. I am a canon user now (nikon, before) so that interests me. As I read along, canon irista is online photo/video storage. I used to have this dropbox where you can also store photos but I seldom use it. I can also use the google which was introduced to me by my neice. I am not a techy person so I had a hard time using both. I want something easy as ABC. So I immediately searched online and I signed up. The fact that it has free 15GB to start with is good. Not only it stores raw shots and can download the original file, all the camera information is saved as well – camera and lens used, shutter speed, focal length, aperture and so on.

I thought, I can even use this for my photography business. My clients can have option to sign up and have their photos received via irista. It would save me money since I don’t have to send the files through courier and buy usb to store their files. My clients can also keep the account for their future use.


Hugs xx Luke


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