fasting, why?

After the parties and more food taken during the holiday season, fasting wouldn’t be more exciting if you don’t understand the reason why you do it and why after the end of the year, I mean why after eating a lot? Oh well, I gotta say, that’s the way it is! Kidding aside, January is the best time to start afresh. We always wanted to start right and start good at the start of the year. So why not?

Fasting isn’t just restraining yourself from eating. Many think that fasting is just “not eating” and more often than not, it is misunderstood as an act of being a religious person. Fasting is more than just “no food”. For me, it’s keeping yourself connected to God. It’s keeping yourself on track with your relationship with HIM.

There are options for you to take during this time. Usually, restraining yourself from something you are so addicted is better. It means you get your focus out of your addiction and focus on God instead. Focus on reading your bible and praying instead. I often go for not watching K-drama. Yes, I admit, I am a K-drama addict since then and I can go days just watching them! That is my no. 1 option.  Why not food? I can refrain from not eating meats and rice for days or no sweets and coffee even if I am not fasting. K-drama is another thing so . . . Some, especially  students, go for “no facebook” or “no instagram”, because that is where they are addicted to. Fasting is keeping your focus on the right track that will benefit you and your faith.

I have looked forward to this time of the year when all of us from the church  fast to pray for personal goals and to pray for people and nations. I assure you, it’s worth doing so.


xx Luke xx

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