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When jeans and sneakers (and rubber shoes) were finally approved for our day’s attire at work, almost all the employees celebrate with smile and excitement. I was one of those who was overjoyed and can’t wait to wear my jeans to work. You see, I love jeans! And  i love sneakers, too, and so are shirts!

It all feels comfortable wearing jeans and shirt and this pair of converse. When it’s all sunny, sneakers are my best option to work. Wearing high heels or doll shoes are okay but it sometimes gives me blisters when I walk. The heat of the sun add up to the friction from the shoes to my feet so I prefer wearing sneakers (and socks) to work during summer.

Being in a tropical country prompts you to choose outfits that makes you comfort despite the heat of the sun. Oh yes, I prefer shirts on jeans plus a sneaker (or slippers). And this oversized shirt I bought from Surplus is something I always want on the go.

shirt – surplus shop | jeans – uniqlo | sneakers – converse | jacket – a gift from my sister | rings – aldo | shades – i2i | photography – @capturedbygwyn

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