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This photoshoot was planned for weeks and I seemed to get frustrated since I didn’t know where to get models who wouldn’t require Talent Fee (TF). Well of course, I didn’t intend to pay them because I don’t have a budget for such. I initially plan to just give my models their edited pictures & FB/Blog posting as well as the raw shots.

I surfed online for days which theme would fit the models should this plan materialize. I got the street hiphop, cheerleaders, or summer looks for the girls. I just had some dilemma here – it would be hard for them to get such outfits that I have in mind, so I went with the BOHO theme (for the girls). And for boys – K-Pop. I was praying their outfit would just be almost (if not exactly) the same as what I had imagined!

While browsing, a message arrived in FB and a youth (DALE) whom I know for years now, offers himself to pose for one of my portrait shoots without TF (talent fee). Olah! I got one down. Now I have to find one more guy for the K-Pop theme. It was not hard for me to do so since Dale will bring his friend for the shoot. I got excited!

Now, it’s time to muster mademoiselle models. I have countless in mind, nonetheless, I have to deem their talent on posing in front of the camera and if they got the “IT” thing for my photography taste. It was a trouble-free task to get favours since I knew some youngsters from the church. I only have to negotiate the “Without TF” so I can mobilize them. So I checked my FB friends and I got two girls! Ellaine & Alex. Yes, they agreed! I got all the more excited. I asked my photographer friends (mostly amateurs like me) as well to join me with the photoshoot. Mitch suggested one potential model – Blessy. I managed to get her approval within a day. So we are set as planned. However, after a week of finding their perfect outfit for the pictorial, the theme didn’t emerged as planned. It’s alright though.

Teaser Photograph is also posted in my FB page @ Luke Belmonte Photography

Venue : RIO del Pasig
Photoshoot Date : May 31, 2014
Photographs by : Luke Belmonte
Photo Ops Buddy : Mitch Gargoles
Hobbyists : Yami Gutierrez & Reggie Gadong
Ellaine Zarcilla
Alex Gutierrez
Blessy Caliñgo
Dale Bulan
Jomar Correra
Theme : Bohemian Style for Mademoiselle & K-Pop for Young Men
Make up by : Luke Belmonte

Luke (3)

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