There’s Something About Her

I am no head-turner, that’s for sure! Not even someone you would be so curious about. I am just a kind of person who silently sit right behind everybody where people can barely notice my existence.

Never did it occur my mind becoming so passionate in photography. I just love being taken a picture of me when I feel my most beautiful in my childhood years. Until I had my first camera on 2006. The urge became forceful I can’t help but click. You can call me a hobbyist, ’cause that’s how I am.

The year 2014 has been a breakthrough. I decided to leave the BPO world (where call center has been widely famous all over the country) late last year and shifted to a weekdays job. I dauntlessly chase the desire to become a photographer with no formal training and with only a basic knowledge about the field. The only ticket I have (right now) is the desire to capture beautiful stories of Life and Love.

This God-given talent is heightened when I was given the opportunity to join the Communications Team (Victory, Pasig) where photographers are indispensable to cover church events. My photography works were noticed by some people and I get jobs to photograph prenups & weddings, birthdays and proms.

I love to travel! It’s always in my bucket list. And yes, I love fashion. I love to try anything that fits me but I prefer Jeans over Skirts.